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Judith and Her Igel (Hedgehog)

Earlier this month, I disembarked a Citibike at Bowling Green in Lower Manhattan and spotted a tattooed woman sitting on the steps of the Alexander Hamilton U.S. Customs House behind me.

Her name was Judith and she was visiting from Austria.

She had this cool tattoo on her inner wrist:

Judith spoke little English, but I did manage to identify this creature that she called an Igel as a hedgehog. She said a friend of hers who had taken up tattooing as a hobby did the work on her. He also had done significantly more work on her upper arm:

I'm not sure what this piece is all about, but I do see the maple leaves and dandelions.

Judith, I thank you for sharing your work with us here on Tattoosday! Danke schön!

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